Chinese time-honored brand-QJD

Chinese famous brand, QJD is a chain catering enterprise characterized by roast ducks. It is a well-known time-honored Chinese brand. Dating back to the 3rd year during the reign of Tongzhi (1864), after the entrepreneurship and struggle of several generations, QJD has achieved considerable development. With continuous innovation and development, it has formed its unique cuisines led by characteristic roast dusks together with “all-dusk feast” and more than 400 special dishes, which are well received by leaders of all countries, government officials, people from all walks of life and tourists at home and abroad. Thus, QJD is honored as “Chinese No. 1 Cuisine”. In June, 2008, its technique of roasted duck in stoves was enrolled into the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The new generation of QJD “inherits and carries forward excellent national food culture outcomes and takes it as their own duty to flourish and develop Chinese diet.” It gives full play to the advantage as a time-honored brand, established in Beijing, facing China and going to the world. QJD started from Qianmen Street in Beijing, then spread to chain stores in Hepingmen, Wangfujing and Asian Sports Village, and radiated to other cities in China including Shanghai, Suzhou, Taiyuan, Chongqing and Guangzhou. In 2008, the first overseas store of QJD opened in the downtown of Melbourne, and in 2017, QJD entered Toronto of Canada. Currently, the annual sales volume of QJD is more than 700 million yuan. More than 3 million roasted ducks are sold every year, the number of guests is about 5 million annually, the gross capital is about 600 million yuan and the intangible asset is about 700 million yuan. Leaders and important politicians from more than 200 countries have ever visited “QJD”. For more than a hundred years, “QJD” have entertained many guests around the world, including quite a lot of distinguished ones. “QJD” is not just doing business, but more importantly, it is spreading the food culture of Chinese nations, thus becoming a link and bridge to promote the friendship, exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

QJD is ancient but young, traditional but modern. It is advancing courageously towards the magnificent prospect of “Chinese No.1 catering, world’s first-class cuisine and internationally well-known brand”. Wish the ancient “QJD” can keep youth forever; wish the young “QJD” can be full of vigor and move towards new glories one after another!