QJD duck roasting technique, national intangible cultural heritage

Eating roast duck mainly centers on spring, autumn and winter. In winter and spring, the duck is fat and soft; in autumn, with the fine weather, both temperature and humidity are most suitable for making roast ducks. Meanwhile, ducks in autumn are relatively fat, which can be shown in the idiom “in autumn, both ducks and chickens are fat”. However, in summer, on the one hand, it is quite hot, and people don’t like fatness in such weather; on the other hand, ducks in Beijing are afraid of hotness, so they will lose weight every summer; what’s more, it is high in humidity and ducks are usually wet. As a result, such roast ducks will not be crispy.

It is important in selecting ducks. The feeding period of the selected ducks in QJD can’t be over 90 days. The duck feathers must be glossy and spotless white; wings must be short and back must be long; legs must be thick and short; breasts must be full; bodies must be fat. Weight of ducks need to range from 2.5 kg to 3 kg. Too small ducks may lead to skinny meat and too large ones may lead to fatness. After being killed, ducks will be dehematized and unhaired; viscera will be taken out; then wings and feet will be cut down; after putting on sugar color and drying, duck bases will be made, weighing about 1.5 kg to 2 kg. The roasted duck is about 1.2 kg, which will be chipped into 80 to 100 slices. The chipped meat of a duck is about 0.6 kg.

The making technique of the roast duck lies in both roasting and slicing. After roasting, it must be eaten while slicing, which must be sliced and put into the plate in order before the sinking of the duck breast. At that time, the skin is crispy and the meat is soft, which is the best moment for tasting. There are two types of slicing ducks: one is to slice the duck skin first, which is crispy and fragrant, and then slice the duck meat. The other is to slice them together, with both skin and meat on every slice like a clove leaf, which is thin but complete. Wrapped in the lotus-leaf-like pancake, it is very softy and tender.


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